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Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set

These gift sets have everything you need to prepare a delicious brew and master a contemporary matcha ceremony at home.

The Ceremonial Matcha Gift Sets include:

  • Handblown double-walled glass bowl
  • Signature chasen bamboo matcha whisk
  • Bamboo matcha measuring spoon
  • Matte black matcha whisk holder
  • 40-gram Ceremonial Matcha tin or 12ct Matchasticks Box
  • Tea Towel made in collaboration with Jenny Pennywood (only if option with Tea Towel is selected)

Our organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha has been ground and packed in Japan to ensure the ultimate freshness and quality. A blend of 3 different green tea varietals, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is truly remarkable and delicious hot or cold brewed. With light, refreshing, and smooth notes, this Matcha will surely delight all of your senses.

Perfect for a gift or yourself, shop one of our Ceremonial Matcha Gift Sets today!

Style: Matcha tin
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