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DEUX Best Sellers Mini Pack

Introducing “DEUX To-Go!” Now you can take your favorite flavors with you... wherever you go! Just pop in your purse for easy (sn)access and snack at your convenience. Each of these cuties is 4oz instead of our standard 12oz & comes in a pack of 6. Think Jell-o pudding packs but chic-er. 🍪

  • Includes 2 jars of Chocolate Chip, 2 jars of Birthday Cake and 2 jars of Space Brownie
  • Chocolate Chip enhanced with Zinc (60 mg per jar) and Elderberry (80 mg per jar).
  • Birthday Cake enhanced with Ashwagandha (410 mg per jar).
  • Space Brownie enhanced with Reishi.
  • Eat cookie dough straight from the jar or roll into balls, flatten and bake at 350° F for 8-9 min. 4 servings per jar. As seen on Shark Tank.
  • We ship with ice packs to protect the DEUX, but if you experience warm jars no sweat, just pop it in the fridge. 

*Please note this item ships directly from DEUX. Please contact[email protected] if you need to return or exchange.


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